What is this … The woman was seen running away with the lion in her lap, shocking footage captured in the camera

Viral Video: No one knows when the video taken on social media becomes viral. However, sometimes it happens that when we see something that no one has ever seen, it is a lot of fun and we think more about it. Cute and funny videos of dogs, cats and human babies in general are always a fan favorite. But, sometimes things come along that definitely make us get serious about videos.

A video of a woman holding a lion in her lap is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The barely 10-second clip, shared on Instagram, shows the woman running down the road with the lion fully coiled on her arm. The lion was struggling to get free while the woman held him.

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Social media users were quick to react to the video and said they were shocked. ‘Sign this lady up for the next Wonder Woman movie….’ a user commented on the post.

Another user said, ‘Looks like he is in trouble.’ Another user posted, ‘Someone needs to tell him that he is a lion.’

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