What happened on the first night of marriage? Couple shared the video of honeymoon, angry people said – keep something private

Marriage First Night Video: Many videos are shared on social media every day. Some are real and some are made from reel ie own creativity. Most of them are fun type. However, if seen, there is nothing like personal left in today’s era. Be it household matters or any customs, now videos are made and shared on everyone, but the limit is reached when a couple shares the video of their first night of marriage i.e. honeymoon. This has happened and people have also expressed their displeasure over it.

A video is becoming increasingly viral on the Instagram platform, in which both the couples have written, ‘How we spent our wedding night’, that is, they are showing how they spent their wedding night. However, this is also a period of some private moments, which may not come out in the open. Social media users raised questions about this only.

You also see the video

take a moment private

Couple’s video has got close to 27 thousand likes and it is being watched fast. There are also many comments on this and till now the video of bride and groom has got more than 493k views. One user wrote, ‘Why do people post such moments on the internet. Some moments should be kept and cherished privately. Apart from this, another person said, ‘The video of the honeymoon was also put, this is Kalyug.’

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