Unknown numbers can be blocked from notifications on Whatsapp

Whatsapp New Feature: WhatsApp has now become an important part of everyone’s life. Now it seems that if there is no WhatsApp, then no work will be possible. That’s why WhatsApp keeps on bringing some new feature to improve the experience of its users. If there is a change in any app, then due to this our way and experience of using that app also changes.

Let us tell you that very soon WhatsApp is going to bring such a feature, which will be able to control the messages coming from unknown numbers on this platform. Not only this, if the message will come from any unknown number, then the user will be able to block that unknown number very easily with the help of this new feature.

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WhatsApp’s parent company Meta is working on a block shortcut, which will give the user chat notifications and with the help of this, the user will get the option to block any unknown number and he can block that number.

Now no one will be able to disturb you from unknown numbers

Instant messaging app WhatsApp keeps coming up with some new feature. According to WaBetaInfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp features and updates, WhatsApp is working on a special shortcut option, so that through this feature, you can directly block other users from chat notifications.

According to the report, the WhatsApp user will see this option only when someone sends a message from an unknown number. Along with this, there will be some limitation in this feature. It often happens that when any user messages or replies to any of his close ones, he blocks them by mistake at that time. There may be some limitations in this new feature and through this new feature, WhatsApp is expected to be available in the upcoming update.

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This option will be available without opening the chatbox

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is preparing to get rid of messages coming from unknown numbers. This new feature will help crack down on untrusted contacts.

Let us know that according to the report of WaBetaInfo, a website that tracks every update, WhatsApp’s parent company Meta is working on another block shortcut feature. This new feature of WhatsApp will give the option to the user to stop the message from the chat list without opening the message.

Let us know that WaBetaInfo had given information about working on the caption feature. Along with this, information was also given about the keep message feature. Along with this, WhatsApp is also preparing to expand its disappearing feature.

In fact, with the help of disappearing, the user was able to send any chat only for a certain time, but by giving the option of keep message to the user from Meta, the ability to save and keep the message shared during the conversation under the disappearing feature. Hope to get the option.

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