Udaariyaan 16th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Udaariyaan 16th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Udaariyaan 16th February 2023 Written Episode, Composed Update on Herogayab News.

The Episode begins with Shamsher requesting that they track down Nehmat. Advait says she is powerless, she can’t go the distance. Shamsher says I realize she has only two spots to go, she can go just to Rupy or Ekam’s home. Rupy hears the entryway thump and goes to see. Everybody checks. Naaz and Nikhil return home. Rupy says you both here right now. Naaz asks is everything fine here. Mami asks how could you come right now, is Nehmat fine. Nikhil says OK, they are there. Ekam sees Kapoor’s vehicle there and thinks they have come here to find Nehmat, I ought to stand by here till they leave. Naaz says Rama has sent us here, she saw a terrible dream about Rupy and Satti, she got stressed, is everything fine. Rupy says OK. Nikhil says mother demanded us and sent us here, I will return home and tell mother. Ekam sees Nikhil and Naaz leaving. He stows away. He says I realize they came here to track down Nehmat. Mami says Satti, you are fortunate to get such Samdhan. They hear the entryway thump and go to see.

Ekam gets Nehmat home. They get stunned. They all ask Ekam what has been going on with Ekam. Ekam takes Nehmat inside the house and puts her on the couch. They all cry and stress for Nehmat. Rupy and Satti request that Nehmat open eyes. Ekam says I tracked down her oblivious on the parkway. Rupy asks how could she arrive at there, is Advait fine, did they meet with a mishap. Mami says call Advait and ask him how is he. Ekam says kindly, don’t bother calling anybody. Mami says don’t show us, he is Nehmat’s significant other, who will we call, you have committed to demolish her marriage. Ekam asks will you call them here on the off chance that I say her inlaws did this to her.

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Udaariyaan 16th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

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