Turkey: Death toll in Turkey-Syria crosses 28 thousand, 10-day-old newborn found alive in debris

The scene of devastation after the earthquake in Turkey.

The scene of devastation after the earthquake in Turkey.
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Where more than 28,000 people have lost their lives in Turkey-Syria’s most devastating earthquake of the century, the survival of three women after 122 hours of the accident is considered a miracle. The first woman among them is 70-year-old Menekse Tabak. The second is 55-year-old Masallah Sisek and the third is 40-year-old Zeynep Kahraman. Zeynep was the first to be pulled alive from the wreckage (at 104 hours).

Menekse, 70, was taken by an ambulance to a hospital in Kahramanmaras province wrapped in a blanket, while Masallah was pulled from the rubble of a building in Diyarbakır, the largest city in southeastern Turkey. On the other hand, Zeynep Kahraman of Kirikhan city was taken on a stretcher as soon as she was safely pulled from the debris. He was made to wear dark glasses to protect his eyes from the light. Her younger sister, Zubayde, then hugged rescue worker Steven Bayer. Bayer said, now I believe in miracles. It is a big thing that this woman has turned out to be so fit in these circumstances. The role of the Indian rescue team in pulling out from the debris is being appreciated all over the world.

10 day old newborn found alive in the debris

Among the many pictures of devastation in Turkey-Syria, there are some such pictures which bring tears of joy and sparkle of life in the eyes. Wrapped in a bright thermal blanket, a newborn is just 10 days old. This child named Yagiz Uls has been rescued from the rubble. The 10-day-old baby and his mother were pulled alive 90 hours after the quake in the southern province of Hatay. The sequence of those who came out alive has now decreased.

Indians setting an example of helping, sent blankets for the victims: Firat

A large amount of relief material is being sent from India to Turkey. After the army and NDRF team, now the people of India are also distributing blankets in the bitter cold. Turkey’s Ambassador Firat Sunel has said a heart touching thing by tweeting one such letter of sending 100 blankets. He also shared the message of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam in the letter.

The post shared at 7.48 pm on February 9 has so far been viewed more than 1.13 lakh times and liked by more than 2.5 thousand Twitter users. Firat also thanked the Indians. Four Indians named Kuldeep, Amarjit, Sukhdev and Gaurav donated 100 blankets for the victims of Turkey earthquake and wrote in the letter, Regards to all the people of Turkey. God bless Turkiye and give him courage to deal with this trouble.

  • The meaning of words is deeper than the meaning of the dictionary. Describing it as love from India, Sunel wrote in the caption, An Indian family has set an example by donating blankets. Sometimes words have deeper meanings than what is recorded in the dictionary.

Germany to give three-month emergency visa to Turkey-Syria earthquake victims

After the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, all countries are extending a helping hand. Meanwhile, German Interior Minister Nancy Feiser said on Saturday that her country would grant three-month visas to earthquake victims from Turkey and Syria, along with their families. Fazer told daily newspaper Bild that it was emergency aid.

Fazer said regular visas will be issued soon to those who qualify and will be valid for three months. Fazer said that we want to allow Turkish or Syrian families living in Germany to bring their close relatives from the disaster area to their homes. He added that this joint initiative with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would facilitate earthquake victims to “find shelter and receive medical treatment” in Germany. Explain that about 2.9 million people of Turkish origin live in Germany, of which more than half have Turkish nationality.

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