Tunisha Sharma: Tunisha used to borrow money from friends for Sheezan, mother accused while narrating daughter’s message – Tunisha Sharma Death Case Actress Mother Vanita Talks About Daughter Suicide And Sheezan Khan

TV actress Tunisha Sharma committed suicide by hanging herself on the sets of her show on 24 December. The actress had lunch and then committed suicide in co-star Sheezan Khan’s make-up room. Everyone was shocked after Tunisha’s death, then the actress’s mother accused Sheezan Khan of abetting her suicide. It was only after this that Sheejan was arrested. At the same time, now Tunisha’s mother narrated the daughter’s audio message during an interview and made several serious allegations along with the demand to conduct a drug test for Sheejan.

Recently, Tunisha Sharma’s mother has made many serious allegations against Sheezan Khan during an interview. Vanita Sharma said, ‘My life is over. I had only one child. I am not going to spare Sheejan. I have eaten my daughter. I am here to get justice. Sheezan and his entire family are involved in this. Tunisha was my life. For the last 3-4 months, she had come close to Sheejan’s family. Sheejan’s mother is saying that I did not give money to Tunisha. In the last three months, I had given him three lakh rupees. You can see this.

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Further, Vanita Sharma said, ‘Sheejan used to take drugs and he had made my daughter addicted too. My daughter never used to smoke cigarettes, but because of that she started smoking. Tunisha had told her friends that Sheejan takes drugs. I want Sheejan to have a drug test and give me all her reports. Tunisha was broken even after the breakup. She used to say that she got cheated. Sheejan’s mother also used to harass her by talking to Tunisha about his girlfriend.

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Not only this, Vanita Sharma also narrated a voice message of Tunisha. In this, Tunisha can be heard saying, ‘Mama, I cannot tell you how much I love you. Whatever you do for me, I cannot tell you. I love you very much I will come home soon and then sleep with you.’ With this he said that Sheejan’s family is saying that I used to force Tunisha to work. If I had done this, she would not have worked for 12-12 hours. I had promised Tunisha’s father that I would never let her face any problem. I never scolded my child.

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Tunisha’s mother said that she had started spending a lot on Sheejan’s family. After coming back from Ladakh, I told him to focus on his show. After the shooting of Tunisha, Sheejan’s sister and mother used to call him to their place. Tunisha had started spending so much on Sheejan’s family that she even started asking her friends for loans. Tunisha said that mamma needs three BHK for 20 lakhs as rent, so I gave it. He asked for a car with sunroof, so I gave it. With this he raised the question that the set had a hospital, so why was he taken to a hospital 50 minutes away.

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