Trump’s big allegation: Officials placed fake files at my home to implicate me, I did nothing wrong – Donald Trump Alleged On Fbi For Planting More Documents At His Home Without Furnishing Any Evidence

Donald Trump (file photo)

Donald Trump (file photo)
Photo: PTI


Former US President Donald Trump is once again in the headlines. This time the reason for his being in the headlines is the secret classified files found at his house which seems to be increasing his troubles. Actually, some secret classified files have been found from Trump’s house, after which the threat of investigation has started hovering over him. However, now the statement of Donald Trump has also come to the fore in this matter. He said that I know that these files have been planted by some nefarious federal officials so that they can implicate me. But I am taking it lightly because I know that all this has been done to trap me and there is no evidence in it. He said that I did nothing wrong during my presidency. It is all a plan hatched against me.

Trump told cheap and simple folder

Trump also wrote a post on social media after the files were found at his Mar-a-Lago home, saying they were simple, cheap folders. Perhaps the Gestapo (officers) took away these empty folders. Nothing is going to be found in these. The Gestapo counted these folders as a document, which they are not.

Conspired against me to suppress Biden’s files

Trump said that it could be a hate Marxist thug who planted fake documents against me without presenting any evidence. Trump said that such a plan has been made to suppress and change the files found at Biden’s house. I did nothing wrong as president.

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