Toyota’s special offer for the physically challenged! Aya Electric wheelchair of amazing features

Auto Expo 2023 Toyota Wheelchair: Auto The world’s largest vehicle fair is being organized in Greater Noida after three years. Starting from January 11, 2023, at the Auto Expo, many leading automobile companies are unveiling their latest and high-tech vehicles. Many of these vehicles have been launched while, some may be introduced in the coming years.

Talk about Toyota, the company has introduced not one or two but many vehicles. All with a unique look and design. Apart from the cars segment, the company has showcased a tremendous electric wheelchair linked.

Its name is Toyota Walking Area BEV Wheelchair Linked, very comfortable to look at and with technical features. Let’s show some pictures of this electric wheelchair of Toyota and give some information about it.

Toyota Walking Area Bev Wheelchair Linked

Many vehicles have been introduced by Toyota at the Auto Expo. One of these walking areas is also BEV wheelchair linked, which can be a good gift for the differently-abled. Simply put, Toyota’s Walking Area BEV wheelchair can be a great vehicle for the disabled.

Toyota Walking Area Bev Wheelchair Linked Design

Toyota is great when it comes to smart linked wheelchair looks. The wheelchair appeared to move away from its traditional ie (known to be steered by hands). In terms of design, the linked wheelchair is quite different from the normal wheelchair.

Toyota Walking Area Bev Wheelchair Linked Features

Apart from the linked look, the Toyota Walking Area BEV wheelchair is also different from the normal wheelchair in terms of features. Its inbuilt design is also very good. A complete panel has been given in it, through which the light can be turned on or off. Apart from this, the feature of speed control has also been given in Toyota Wheelchair Linked. It also has a gear at the bottom.

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