This plan is the cheapest! Keep SIM active for a year at low cost, get 24GB data and much more

Vi plans under 2000: Are you looking for a plan that can be useful for keeping the SIM active while being economical? For this, you can choose the plan of Vodafone-Idea. Although many plans are offered by the company, out of which one plan comes in less than 2000 rupees.

If you want to keep your SIM activated for a year in an economical way (SIM Activate Recharge Plan), then you can adopt a prepaid plan with long validity. This plan of Vi is considered to be very cheap among the plans of all the companies. Let’s tell Vi’s plan of long validity coming in less than 2000 rupees (Vi Plan under 2000).

Vi Rs 1799 Recharge Plan

Actually, we are talking about Vodafone Idea’s Rs 1799 plan. This plan comes with many benefits. In this, All India free unlimited calling offer is given. No separate charge has to be paid for this plan roaming. In such a situation, you can call anywhere in India without interruption.

Vi Rs 1799 Plan Details in Hindi

More benefits are included in this Rs 1799 plan of Vi. In this, 24 GB data benefit is available. The 24 GB data available in this is given for the whole year. If you want to use it, you can finish it in 1 day or you can do it for the whole 1 year. 3600 SMS benefit is also given in this.

This plan comes with a validity of 365 days i.e. 1 year. You can use this to keep the sim active for a year. Overall, this plan can prove to be the best to keep the SIM active.

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