This ‘chaiwali’ of Delhi is turning dreams into reality

Sharmistha Ghosh: American writer Walter Elias Disney has a famous line in which he says that all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. This line fits perfectly on Sharmistha Ghosh of Delhi.

Startups in India have gained tremendous momentum in the last five years. Among them, there are many entrepreneurs who left jobs worth lakhs of rupees to fulfill their dreams. Taking inspiration from some of these stories, Sharmistha Ghosh has also decided to do something different.

What is Sharmashtha Ghosh’s dream

Sharmistha Ghosh holds a Master’s degree in English Literature. He even left his job in the British Council to fulfill his dream. Currently, Sharmistha is pursuing her dream and running a tea stall in Gopinath Bazaar, Delhi Cantt.

Sharmistha’s story has been shared by retired Brigadier Sanjay Khanna of the Indian Army on his LinkedIn. According to a LinkedIn post, Sharmistha dreams of making it big like Chaos. In fulfilling this dream of Sharmistha, one of her friend Bhavna Rao is also supporting her. Both come to the tea shop in the evening and return home till late at night.

Brigadier Khanna said – passion and honesty are necessary for this

Brigadier Khanna, who shared the story of Sharmistha Ghosh, said that one must have passion and honesty to make one’s dream come true. I have met many youths who are in despair and are looking for jobs. I think one should think of small ways and means for earning and success instead of high qualification job.

Users reacted to Brigadier Khanna’s post

Responding to Brigadier Khanna’s post, a user said that I completely agree with your sentiment that no work is small or big. It is important to have a dream and passion to make it happen. The story of Sharmistha Ghosh and Bhavana Rao is truly inspiring.

Another user commented, “Women whose family is not financially dependent on them can easily take such a step. But whose family is financially dependent on her, she cannot take such a risk. Yes, people will show sympathy, but money will not be received.

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