These top-5 branded room heaters are no less than a gift in bone-chilling winter – Best Room Heater From Usha Havells And More Brands For This Winter

Many states of the country including the country’s capital New Delhi are currently in the grip of severe cold. According to the doctor, cold is more fatal than heat for old people. Extreme cold increases the risk of stroke and paralysis. Earlier people used to light bonfires. Many people used to light fireplaces in their homes, but due to smoke and fire incidents, now people have started avoiding them. Room heaters have now taken their place. There are many types of heaters in the market today which people are using. If you are also looking for a good heater and are not able to decide which heater to buy, then this report can be of use to you. In this report, we will tell you about five branded and best heaters.

Usha Room Heater: HH 3503H

The names of companies like Usha figure prominently in room appliances. Usha has Usha Halogen heater which is equipped with halogen tube. It heats up pretty fast. It has three halogen tubes. According to the company, halogen heaters reduce power consumption. Its price has been kept at Rs 4,090.

Aristo 2000Watt

This heater from Morphy Richards is of 2000W and it is also a fan room heater. A knob has been given in it, with the help of which the temperature can be managed. Two years warranty is available with it. Its price has been kept at Rs 3,790.

Heat Convector 812T

This type of heater is also called a blower. Safety is good with this and you get warm air even if you do not keep the heater nearby. It has fans which give you hot air. It is easy to move this type of heater from one place to another. There is also an option to control the fan speed. You can buy this Usha heater for Rs.3,290.

Majesty RHX 3

This Bajaj heater can also give you warmth in this shivering winter. This halogen heater from Bajaj comes with 400W, 800W, 1000W and 1200W options. You can buy any one as per your convenience. The price of this 1000W heater from Bajaj is Rs.3,042.

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