These changes seen in the body are the symptoms of weak immunity! Know the method of rescue

These changes seen in the body are the symptoms of weak immunity! Know the method of rescue

Immune System: The immune system is such a part of our body, which fights infection and takes care of us. Actually, when a germ attacks our health, many cells and organs start working together. Learn how the immune system protects our health and how to keep it healthy. The immune system is a combination of cells and proteins that protect the body from infection.

role of the immune system

Sometimes the immune system becomes very weak. There are many such symptoms, which show that the immune system is weak.
The immune system is as important to our body as the heart. When the immune system works properly, it separates it from the body after examining different threats, thereby keeping diseases away. There are different threats in the body such as viruses, bacteria, from which the immune system helps to protect. Later on he fails. Because immunity becomes weak.

Why is there a weak immune system

There are many reasons for the weakening of the immune system. Poor eating habits, changing lifestyle, taking more stress, less sleep, smoking etc. If there is no improvement in these, then it indicates weak immunity.

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Dry eyes: Eyes usually feel dry in a weak immune system, so it indicates that the immune system is weak.

depression: When the mood doesn’t feel good, it can be a sign of depression.

Skin rash: If there is a rash or any other problem on the skin, then this can also be a symptom of weak immunity.

Stomach problem: Other gas in the stomach, flatulence, loss of weight also indicate a weak immune system.

Cold hands and feet: If hands and feet remain cold then this is also a sign.

How to keep immunity strong

  • keep healthy diet
  • Get enough sleep and try to sleep on time at night
  • don’t take any stress
  • Do meditation, exercise and yoga
  • take care of cleanliness

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