These are the many benefits of drinking Kanji, know the recipe

Kanji Drink Recipe: There are so many greens and vegetables in winter that a person can keep himself healthy by consuming them. If you want to remove any kind of deficiency in the body, then winter is considered much better than summer. You can keep yourself healthy by making dietary changes. Today we have come up with a winter special drink recipe called Kanji.

If you have not yet heard the name of Kanji or have not consumed it, then after knowing its benefits, surely you would like to try it once. Kanji is not only a drink but also a panacea to get rid of many diseases. Along with telling the benefits of Kanji, let us also tell its recipe.

Kanji Benefits

  1. Weakness will go away Kanji is rich in carbohydrates. If you consume it on an empty stomach, you will feel full of energy throughout the day. With this, your problem of feeling weak or dizzy will also go away.
  2. get rid of constipation The problem of constipation can be relieved by consuming Kanji. The digestive system is also strengthened by its use.
  3. Also effective in reducing weight If you want to lose weight, then consume Kanji on an empty stomach daily. Its job is to reduce the rising cholesterol level. Along with this, blood sugar is also to be controlled.
  4. Light up your eyes If you want to get rid of the problem related to the eyes, then consuming kanji can be the best. Eyesight can be sharpened by its use.

Kanji Drink Recipe

Beetroot, black carrot, black pepper and mustard are required to make Kanji. To make this, cut two beetroot and four black carrots into small pieces. After this take a glass jar. Add chopped carrot and beetroot to it. Now add water and salt as per taste. After this add black pepper and powdered mustard. Now cover the jar with a cloth. Leave the kanji to sun for about 6 days. Be sure to mix by shaking the jar every day. If you want, after 6 days, you can keep it in a separate container or leave it in the same. In this way Kanji will be ready. You can drink it even if you have gas problem, you can get immediate benefit.

Disclaimer: All the information given above is based on home remedies and general knowledge. If you are troubled by any disease, then consume it only after consulting the doctor. NEWS 24 does not confirm this.

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