These are the best 3 recharge plans for less than Rs 50, know…

Cheapest Plans Under Rs 50: Nowadays everyone has the latest smartphone and likes to take advantage of the date facility with calling. However, along with taking advantage of this facility, customers are also looking for cheap plans. Apart from this, the problem increases for users who have dual sims when they have to do expensive recharge to keep two sims active.

If you are also one of those for whom it is necessary to recharge both the SIMs and do not want to spend much, then let us tell you about three affordable plans. Actually, today we are going to tell you about the plans coming in less than Rs 50 (BSNL Cheapest Plans Under Rs 50). These plans are being given by BSNL, in which calling and data benefits are available for less than Rs 50.

BSNL Rs 49 Plan

It is given by BSNL for less than 50 rupees. This includes data and calling benefits. The cost of this plan is Rs 49. Talking about the validity, the benefit of this plan can be availed for 20 days. In this, 100 voice calling minutes for local and STD are available as calling benefits. Apart from this, the benefit of 1GB data is also available.

BSNL Rs 29 Plan

A plan of Rs 29 is offered by BSNL. The validity of this plan is 5 days. In this plan, users get the facility of data including unlimited calling. Coming with a validity of 5 days, this plan comes with 1GB data facility.

BSNL Rs 24 Plan

BSNL has its cheapest and best plan under Rs 50 for Rs 24. This is a special tariff voucher which is best for users who do recharge to keep the sim active. The validity of this plan is up to 30 days. In this, users get the benefit of voice calling. Also, STD and local calls are charged at 20 paise per minute.

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