The young man was sleeping, suddenly the monkey came, then what happened, watch the video

Funny video: You must have seen many funny videos of people with animals. But these days a video is becoming so viral on social media that you will be laughing. In the video, a monkey climbs on the sleeping youth. Then what actions both of them do, come see the video yourself.

the monkey picked up the first young man

In the video, a young man is sleeping in a room by covering his face with a sheet. Suddenly a monkey comes there. The monkey first climbs on the chest of the young man and removes the sheet. The young man suddenly wakes up in a hurry seeing the monkey above him. Even the monkey is not afraid, but it also jumps up and attacks the young man again. In the video, the monkey is seen doing this several times.

The young man defended with a stick

Sometimes the monkey jumps on the wall and sometimes on the young man, slaps him and then sits in the room. The young man is also seen moving several times towards the monkey by picking up the stick lying nearby in his defence. But the monkey is so clever that every time he plays himself and then slaps the young man with his paw and sits in front of him in the same room.

1.9 million people watched the video

So far 1.9 million views have come on this video. A total of 88.6k people have also liked the video. A large number of people are commenting on this video. Netizens are enjoying watching this funny video again and again. People are sharing this. In the video, the young man repeatedly runs here and there in the room, tries to scare and drive away the monkey, but the monkey, raising its paw, runs towards the young man and then sits in the room.

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