The groom was welcomed by the bride’s family by lighting a cigarette, the father-in-law himself lit it, see-Video

Groom Cigarette Video: A video of a groom’s wedding is going viral on social media. Now the reason for which it is going viral is right or not, you decide for yourself. The video shows the bride’s parents welcoming the groom by lighting a cigarette for him on the wedding day. The video has been shared on Instagram by blogger Juhi K Patel. There are 5.7 million views on the video.

The viral video shows the groom sitting on a sofa and his father-in-law and mother-in-law lighting a cigarette for him. Juhi was a guest at a wedding where she witnessed this. He wrote, ‘Recently a new wedding tradition has been observed in which the mother-in-law welcomes the groom with sweets, beedi and paan.’

Later he added a disclaimer which read, ‘This is an old tradition in some villages of South Gujarat. He doesn’t even smoke, you can see in the video that he didn’t even turn on the light, he did this just for the ritual. And it’s just a ‘be ghadi gammat’ just laugh and ignore it no need to be offended by it.

Netizens expressed surprise over this video. He could not believe that such a tradition existed. At the same time, a user wrote that such rituals are also prevalent in Bihar and Odisha. What are your thoughts on this?

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