Sunil Sukhada: Four bike riders attacked Sunil Sukhada’s car, actor injured, police investigation continues – Sunil Sukhada Car Attacked By Bike Borne Gang Malayalam Actor Injured Filed The Police Complaint

Sunil Sukhda

Sunil Sukhda
– Photo: Social Media


Malayalam film actor Sunil Sukhda’s car was attacked by four bike riders in Thrissur, Kerala. Sunil Sukhda and Bindu Kalyani of the drama troupe were injured in the attack. In this case, actor Sunil Sukhda says that he was assaulted. Along with this, Bindu Kalyani and Sanju were also beaten up.

The actor told the police that he was attacked by four men on two bikes who broke the front windshield of the car. In this case, on the complaint of the actor, the police have registered a case.

Apart from Sunil Sukhda, Bindu Thangam Kalyani, Zubair and others were in the car. He had come to Mala in connection with the rehearsal of the play. A scuffle broke out on a narrow road near here allegedly over not giving way to another vehicle. After this the quarrel turned into a fight. In this case, the police say that we have registered a complaint and are investigating.

Actually, Sunil Sukhda and other actors were in this area for the rehearsal of a play. It is being said that all the actors in the car have suffered injuries in the attack.

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