Such a passion to travel the world, he left a good job, sold his house and started living a nomadic life.

Such a passion to travel the world, he left a good job, sold his house and started living a nomadic life.

There are 2 big dreams in the life of every human being. Get a good job and a good house so that you can live a comfortable life. But a couple living in Arizona had a different dream, to fulfill which they left a well-paid job. Sold the luxurious house and started living a nomadic life. He is not alone, he has set out on the journey with his two small children and pets. He has a dream to travel the whole world and wants to fulfill it at any cost.

He did all this only because he wanted to fulfill his dream of wandering on the streets of the world. After selling everything he owned, he decided to travel from one country to another by taking a van with his savings. However, whatever the world thinks about them, both of them have no regrets about their decision. This family has been on the streets since May last year and is sometimes traveling around this country and sometimes that country.

I don’t want to work 40 hours a week
Steve says, I don’t want to work 40 hours a week, I don’t want a respectable job, I don’t want to spend most of my life working hard just to enjoy a few weeks a year. While working as an ER nurse, Steve was also deployed in war-torn areas. He says, I do not want to fall into the trap which is the dream of most American people. After all, why do we earn money, for happiness. If we have to work hard all our life just for a few moments of happiness, then it is not acceptable to us. What should happen is that most of the time should be spent in happiness and work should be done only for a few moments.

Every day will be like we’re on vacation
Steve said, Wendy and I have adopted this way of living and now there will be no reduction in it. We want to live life our way. We will live every day as if we are on vacation. We are going to visit this country and other countries. We’re going to make every day, week, month and year really count. If everything goes well, we will not regret anything we saw, did or experienced. Wendy, who was a security manager in an American airline, said that the stress and pressure of the job had become unbearable. Due to coming home late from work every day, I was not able to spend time with my family. Now I am free from that tension.

Five bedroom house sold for $400,000
Last year, the McGraths sold their 200-square-foot, five-bedroom home for $400,000. Also sold my cars and bought a comfortable RV. It is operated from a truck. Now they are spending much less than at that time for gas, food and basic needs. He is living a very comfortable life by spending only $1,200 per month. Earlier they had to spend thousands of dollars. Both of them said – Right now we have money, but if it becomes less then we will do some small job somewhere but that too for a few hours. It is not in our control to give our whole life to the job. Our aim is to give good upbringing to both the children. They are giving schooling to the children along with them. Steve cooks. He likes to prepare fresh dishes every day. He says since leaving Phoenix, he has not eaten a single frozen food or any fast food.

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