Success Story: This farmer earns 45 thousand by investing 9 thousand rupees, this is the secret of his success

Success Story: This farmer earns 45 thousand by investing 9 thousand rupees, this is the secret of his success

Gulshan Singh / Buxar. Farmers of Buxar district in Bihar are creating a story of self-reliance by growing green vegetables on a large scale. In most areas of Sadar block and Simri block, farmers are earning profit by cultivating cash crops. In this, Manoj Kumar Yadav, a farmer from Ramdhanpur village, is such a farmer, whose manual profession is farming. Manoj tells that he cultivates vegetables every year. This time two types of okra have been grown, due to better production, this time there is an opportunity to earn good profit. Manoj told that okra has been planted in about two bighas of land.

Farmer Manoj Kumar Yadav told that the two varieties of okra cultivated this time include Ankur and Radhika. Manoj Kumar told that by the way, all the family members do farming of different types of vegetables together. But, in that too, for 15 years, only lady finger has been cultivated. Farmer Manoj Yadav told that he had cultivated okra in April also. Due to which there was huge profit in June. He told that most of the farmers of the village have earned better from okra cultivation in summer.

five times profit
He told that in the cultivation of 1 bigha, he has earned one lakh rupees from okra. Whereas, after this, he has again planted okra in two bighas, which is now bearing fruit. Farmer Manoj told that one bigha costs Rs 9 thousand. At the same time, up to two and a half quintals of ladyfinger is being produced from the field every day. Farmer Manoj Kumar told that in the last crop, he got five times the profit of the cost due to getting the rate of 40 to 45 rupees per kg. Whereas till a few days ago the rate has come down to Rs 2200 per quintal.

drop in price
Whereas at this time the rate has come down considerably which has now become 800 to 1000 per quintal. Farmer Manoj Kumar Yadav told that to protect the lady finger flowers from insects, the medicine has to be sprayed once a week. He told that every day at 5 in the morning the harvesting of okra is started from the field, which is delivered to the local vegetable market by seven o’clock.

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