Spiders made millionaires! Grandma got such a treasure, will be called rich till death

Spiders made millionaires! Grandma got such a treasure, will be called rich till death

Human life is such that people run after money all their lives. This is the age when they need money to set up their life or that of their children. As the age increases, this attraction of a man starts to end. Imagine if you get crores of rupees at the last stage of your life, then you don’t have any special reason to spend it.

According to the report of Daily Mail, a woman named Doris Stanbridge has reached such a stage of her age where a person no longer has any special desires. However, even at the age of 70, he has received such a gift, which is giving him the motivation to live his life for 100 years. Let us know what such treasure grandma has got.

Spiders made millionaires!
Doris Stanbridge lives in Dorking area of ​​Surrey. When it was his birthday, he saw some money spiders in the house. In Britain, it is believed that if these spiders are seen, money will come to the person. After seeing spiders in the house and garden, the woman was convinced that this would happen. When he opened his email after his 70th birthday party, he found a mail from the National Lottery. After this he was told that he would get 10 thousand pounds i.e. more than 10 lakh rupees every month for the next 30 years. If we add it for 30 years, this amount is more than Rs 37 crore.

Now I want to live…
The woman told her son-in-law about her victory and then celebrated. Now he will get Rs 10 lakh every month till his death. He bought a new bed for himself and also an air fryer. She went on vacation with her family so that her grandson could enjoy his first airplane trip. Now she is planning to buy a villa and says that she wants to live for 100 years to enjoy this luxury.

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