Some tips that can help you in driving

Driving During Fog: Fog continues to wreak havoc in entire North India including the national capital Delhi. As the visibility level drops amid fog, driving on the roads has to face a lot of problems. Many times people also become victims of accidents due to fog. We are telling you some tips which can help you in driving in fog.

avoid using high beam

High-beam lights should be avoided while driving. By doing this, the person driving the vehicle in front gets direct light in the eyes, which makes it difficult to see what is in front. It is better to use low-beam lights during low visibility on the road.

keep your eyes on the road

Always pay attention to the road while driving. It becomes important to be alert when there is fog around your vehicle. It is best to keep your mobile phone aside and loud music that distracts you during this time also needs to be avoided.

control driving speed

If a vehicle is right behind you, it can be tempting to press the accelerator and sprint forward. However, this can make the situation quite dangerous and cause an accident in low visibility. It is best to be patient and drive at a reasonable speed while maintaining full control of your vehicle while driving.

Park the vehicle on the side of the road in heavy fog

If the fog is very thick and you cannot see the surrounding signs and symbols on the road, it is best to park the vehicle somewhere safe on the road. Wait for a while so that the fog subsides a bit. Don’t forget to turn on your hazard lights.

keep your windscreen and windows clean

During fog, the windows and windscreen of your vehicle get steamed up. They have to be cleaned again and again. Keep a cloth with you to rub them frequently. Using your vehicle’s heater also helps to remove it.

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