Skin care TIPS: Yogurt is a boon for the skin for centuries, just use it like this, spots will be removed, you will get tremendous glow

Skincare Tips: If you want a glowing skin then this news is useful for you. In winter people have to face dry skin. If the moisture on your face is disappearing and the spots are troubling you, then this news is useful for you. You can fix all these problems with the help of curd.

How is curd beneficial for the skin?

Actually, when it comes to skincare, the name of curd also comes up. Curd is known for its soothing properties which keep the skin cool as well as glowing. Along with this, curd has properties like good bacteria, fatty acids and lactic acids which work to soothe irritated skin or sunburnt skin.

1. Curd moisturizes the skin

Curd makes the skin soft. In the winter season, if your skin is getting dry and the moisture is disappearing, then you should use curd, applying curd daily keeps the moisture of the skin intact and it acts as an excellent moisturizer. You first take 2 spoons of curd, then add honey to it and apply it on the face for about 15 minutes, after the time is over, wash the face with cold water.

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2. Reduce dark circles with the help of curd

With the help of curd, the dark circles under the eyes can be reduced. For this, take fresh curd and apply it under the eyes, wash it with water after 10 minutes. This will remove swelling and dark spots of the eyes. By doing this for a few days, the face will also look beautiful. You can try this remedy 2 times a week.

Apply curd on face like this

Curd is beneficial for bringing shine and glow on the face. For this, mix 2 spoons of curd in a bowl by squeezing half a lemon, then apply this paste on the face and keep it for 10 minutes. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer after washing your face. By doing this, the face glows. It also helps in removing tanning and spots.

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