Shark Tank India 16th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Shark Tank India 16th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Shark Tank India 16th February 2023 Written Episode, Composed Update on Herogayab News.

In the February 17 episode of Shark Tank India Season 2, Sharks were in wonderment of mother little girl pair Duriya and Fatema Barodawala selling cake tubs. Fatima’s personal story on passing on an oppressive union with start a business with the assistance of her folks contacted everybody. Shark Tank 2, that delivered on January 2, sees entreprenuers from various different backgrounds pitching their brands to a few big cheese financial backers, likewise called Sharks. The Sharks incorporate Amit Jain, Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta, Vineeta Singh and Anupam Mittal. There were three contributes the episode.

The main pitch was made by originators Ravjot Arora and Pranav Bajaj. They bragged having the greatest armada of ambulances the nation over. Their ask was Rs 2 crore for 1% value. The Sharks were dazzled by their respectable work and how they have saved lives. Amit Jain shared the time his dad had malignant growth and it took him 45 minutes to get a rescue vehicle. He shared, “I can intently connect with you. The human touch in ideal administrations is vital.” He offered them Rs 5 crore for 5% value. Peyush, Namita and Aman together offered an arrangement. Namita said, “On the off chance that you think by getting Rs 5 crore you will get time and cash, we will give you time and more devotion regardless of whether we give Rs 1 crore and it will accompany insight of 3 Sharks.” They at long last got it of Rs 2 crore for 2% value.

The subsequent pitch was by a mother-little girl team Duriya and Fatema Barodawala. They sell cake tubs. Their ask was Rs 25 lakh for 5% value. Fatema uncovered how she passed on a harmful union with open this business and said, “I was working in an IT organization for a very long time. Then I got ready for marriage and needed to leave the work. I received wedded and needed to stroll in return on the grounds that the relationship was getting truly oppressive. I was four months pregnant around then. I was actually and intellectually upset. I tracked down satisfaction in baking cakes. It was remedial for me.” She likewise expressed gratitude toward her folks for supporting her. The Sharks were in amazement of her. Amit offered them Rs 15 lakh for 15% value and Rs 10 lakh as obligation interest free. After discussions, they got the arrangement for Rs 25 lakh for 20% value.

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Shark Tank India 16th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

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