Sapna Choudhary looked so beautiful after losing 25 kilos

Sapna Choudhary looked so beautiful after losing 25 kilos

Sapna Chowdhary, who rules crores of hearts with her dances, is very beautiful. After coming into limelight by doing Bigg Boss show, his popularity increased a lot. Fans shower a lot of love on him. At the same time, the fans are also crazy about her beauty. When Sapna appeared at the Cannes Festival, people were shocked to see her look. However, after pregnancy and after giving birth to a son through operation, Sapna gained a lot of weight. She had become 80 kilos, but this did not affect her popularity. Now all of a sudden Sapna surprised everyone by reducing her weight by 25 kilos. At the same time, pictures of his transformation are also becoming quite viral on social media. Not only in her look, but there has been a tremendous change in her whole body and now if we look at her look, she has started looking more beautiful than before.

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Know how Sapna Chowdhary reduced her weight

Sapna Chowdhary had told during an interview that the son was born through an operation. After that suddenly the weight started increasing, due to which I was very upset. Looking at the weight, career worries were more troubling, but mother said that you can lose weight, start it. After that I started losing weight. There should be a desire to lose weight and it doesn’t cost much to lose weight, just some work has to be done daily. Some things have to be eaten everyday. Yes, Sapna definitely adopted a home remedy to lose weight. Sapna stopped drinking cold water and by doing so Sapna became fit from fat. Apart from this, Sapna strictly followed the diet chart. Did a lot of exercise. Spent more and more time in the gym. Also danced a lot in my favorite work.

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ate all these things from breakfast to dinner

Sapna Chowdhary herself told that she starts her day by drinking lemon water. Drink herbal tea too, but lemon water is more beneficial. This removes toxins. Food is digested. Eat multigrain bread and sprouts for breakfast. Ate white eggs, but every other day. Having a heavy breakfast helps in maintaining energy. Eat vegetables and fruits in the afternoon. Ate vegetables for dinner. Drank coconut water instead of tea. Took juice. In any case, have dinner before 7:30 in the evening. Sapna Choudhary says that dancing makes one sweat. Weight loss occurs due to sweating. The toxins inside come out in the form of water. In such a situation, definitely dance to lose weight. If you take out some time from your daily routine and dance, you will definitely lose weight and your body will also become lighter.

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