Ruhaanika Dhawan: Ruhi of ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’ trolled for buying a house worth crores, mother accused of child labor

Ruhanika Dhawan, who plays Divyanka Tripathi’s daughter ‘Ruhi’ in the TV serial ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’, recently bought a luxurious house. At the tender age of 15, Ruhanika bought a multi-crore house and gifted it to her parents. Many people are congratulating Ruhanika for such a big achievement at a very young age, but some social media users are also trolling her and her mother. Users are taunting Ruhanika’s mother. Not only this, people have also accused Ruhanika’s mother of getting her daughter to do child labour.

Ruhanika told the allegation wrong

Actually, this thing has been disclosed by actress Ruhanika herself during the interview. He said that his parents are being accused of getting child labor done. Ruhanika told, ‘I don’t read comments, because I know that if I do, I can get upset. I would not call it child labor because I have not taken any project in the last four to five years. If you follow my Instagram and YouTube, you will know that recording videos is my hobby. I do all this as per my wish. There is no pressure on me.

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What did Ruhanika’s mother say

At the same time, Ruhanika’s mother said about this, ‘I don’t think anyone should take any pressure from Ruhanika’s achievement. By the way, this thing has not happened overnight for us too. It has taken a long time. Being her mother and elder in the house, I made a proper financial plan for Ruhanika. I have invested the money and we have also got the return. Because of this all this has become possible.

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eight years to buy a house

Ruhanika said that it took her eight years to save the money to buy the house. At the same time, her mother said, ‘It is not that my daughter suddenly did a TV show and in return she got such a huge amount and we bought a house. These things kept happening gradually and now we have been able to do so. Regarding the allegation of child labor, Ruhanika’s mother said, ‘I do not pay attention to such things, because one should not be bothered about unnecessary things.

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