Ramesh Deo: Chaiwala’s Dutkar showed Ramesh Deo the way to Bollywood, son Ajinkya told unheard stories – Ramesh Deo Birthday Son Ajinkya Deo Narrates 10 Interesting Facts Anecdotes About His Father

Marathi and Hindi film industry veteran actor Ramesh Dev has a deep connection with the Jodhpur Palace in Rajasthan. Both his great grandfather and grandfather were engineers who built the Jodhpur Palace. Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj called both of them to build the city of Kolhapur and since then the family settled in Kolhapur. Ramesh Dev’s father became a judge in Kolhapur and Ramesh was born in his house on 30 January 1926. According to his son Ajinkya, Ramesh Dev’s entry into films was also no less than a coincidence. He had gone to get tips for a police job from his brother and when he returned, he had got a lead role in a Marathi film, how? Let’s know from Ajinkya Dev. Further story in the words of Ramesh Dev’s son Ajinkya…

‘This is about 1945. Kolhapur was the main center of film production in Maharashtra in those days. The shooting of Dinkar Patil’s Marathi film ‘Patlachi Por’ was going on and father went to watch the shooting with his friends. There was a college scene being shot and father got the job of persuading his friends to act in the film. Everyone obeyed on father’s saying. In return, everyone got good money and father got the role of college monitor.

‘If the shot went well, father got Rs 15 for speaking one line of this character. The rest of the boys were paid Rs.8 each and the girls Rs.10. Gradually, father started regularly sending the youth required for shooting from the college and during this he himself continued to do small roles. When the judge came to know, he did not object. He just asked dad to continue his studies and become a lawyer. But, Judge Saab’s father i.e. father’s grandfather wanted him to join police or army. His grandmother wanted him to take up farming as we had a lot of agricultural land. Dad said yes to all three, but he was not interested in any of them.

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Then father got selected to join the police. He had to go to Nashik for the training of the inspector. My uncle Umesh Dev was a major in the army and was posted in Pune. Dad went to Pune to get some tips and money from her. And, both also reached there to watch the race. Marathi actor and director Raja Paranjpe also came there. The horse on which he bet after taking prescription from Tauji and lost. Then he turned to his father. He didn’t know anything about the race, but the king said that bohni is also luck and asked father to choose a horse. The number of each horse that father used to tell, all those horses went on winning in the race. And, by the end of the race, Raja Parajampe had won Rs 21,000.

‘Raja Paranjpe used to get three thousand for directing a film in those days, he was very happy to see 21 thousand rupees together. He said to father, ‘Ramesh, you are very lucky to have me. I am starting my next film in two days and I don’t have anyone to play the villain. Why don’t you do this role?’ Dad had a police job in front of him, but Tauji asked him to accept the offer.

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