Rajjo 15th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Rajjo 15th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Rajjo 15th February 2023 Written Episode, Composed Update on Herogayab News.

The Episode begins with Rajjo getting out anything you did with my mum, for what reason did you do that, you have no incentive for anybody’s life. Pushkar reprimands her. He says Mannu likewise ventured towards me, she realize that I m wedded, she is lying, she had caught me, she realized I have influence and cash, she is a major player. He affronts Mannu. Rajjo slaps him. She says on the off chance that you say a word against my mum, who are you to fault anybody. She chides him. Chirag requests that controller take Pushkar. Controller asks whose name will I put in FIR. Rajjo tells her name. Monitor asks her mum and father’s name.

Rajjo says I m Mannu’s girl, leave the dad’s name unfilled, I would rather not connect my name with Pushkar. Pushkar is removed. Arjun goes to Rajjo. She goes. Arjun breaks things and flies off the handle. Rajjo likewise breaks things out of resentment. The two of them cry. Mannu consoles Rajjo. Arjun tumbles down. Chirag comes to deal with Arjun. He requests that Arjun relax. He says it’s a fit of anxiety, consider your great minutes with Rajjo, I will get drugs. He gives the prescriptions to Arjun. He says nothing will occur, quiet down, all is great. Arjun gets steady. Mannu apologizes to Rajjo.

She says I needed to conceal this from you. Rajjo says you had endured this by itself, he attempted to kill you, I will likewise decline to each connection connected with him. She embraces Mannu. Mannu says Arjun and your connection will have another beginning now, all will be great. They get an envelope there. Mannu gets stunned seeing the legal documents. Arjun says Rajjo can never excuse me for this. Chirag says people commit errors, don’t revile yourself, you have genuine romance for her, it’s not possible for anyone to transform it, she won’t lash out however ever make you extremely upset, go now, trust your affection. Mannu says its Arjun and your separation notice. Rajjo cries and says he have little to no faith in me, he believes me should leave me. She sits crying. Mannu consoles her. Arjun says Rajjo generally accepted me, I didn’t really accept that her, I wish I had figured out her. Mannu asks her not to lose trust. Rajjo asks what. Mannu says I will go to Neeltal, you stay here, could you at any point stay without Arjun. Arjun says I can’t remain without Rajjo. Chirag expresses go to her and acknowledge your mix-up, apologize to her. Mannu says you both are associated by soul, you never trusted his affection. Rajjo says I trust him. Mannu asks how might you accept that he has sent this legal documents to you, is your confidence so powerless. Arjun asks will she trust me. Chirag says OK, she adores you. Niharika says you need to attempt a bit, Arjun, I mean she would be furious at this point.

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Rajjo 15th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

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