Poster of ‘The Kings of Mafia – Chapter 1’ launched

There is a very famous quote by Dionos Kristianopoulos, whose Hindi translation goes something like this – “They tried to bury us, they don’t know that we are seeds.” Although we do not gain anything by committing crimes, but watching crime dramas on TV certainly gives us a lot to learn.

There is no dearth of very famous stories and crime series related to mafias, which people like to watch a lot. People living an ordinary life are often attracted to stories related to different and unfamiliar situations.

This is the reason why such shows related to mafia shown on TV are very popular. The stories of mafias and the world of crime and gangsters take the common people who watch them into a different world and, albeit virtually, thus they themselves get a chance to live a life full of glamor and adventure.

It is well known that classic gangster-based shows feature complex characters in contrasting situations that challenge the norms of morality.

Actor and producer Adam Saini, who has worked for the Scottish Police, is now coming up with one such grand web series based on gangster titled ‘The Kings of Mafia – Chapter 1’.

Significantly, Adam Saini was last seen as an actor in the Bollywood film ‘Scotland’. He will also be seen playing an important role in ‘The Kings of Mafia – Chapter 1’, which he is quite excited about.

It is noteworthy that producer and actor Adam Saini along with eminent artists like Shekhar Suman, Adhyayan Suman, Steffy Patel, Khushboo Purohit and Govind Namdev released the first poster of ‘The Kings of Mafia – Chapter 1’ in Mumbai on Sunday.

It is noteworthy that this web series is being produced by StudioNationUK Limited and its writing is in the hands of Vinay Ramkishan Sharma. At the same time, the responsibility of directing this series in a strong way is on the shoulders of Manish Vatsalya. Significantly, even before the release, a lot of curiosity was being seen among the people regarding the poster of the series.

Now that the trailer poster of this series has been done, as expected this poster is now trending and has become a topic of discussion among the people.

Producer and actor Adam Saini, who interacted with the media at the poster launch, said, “It was a great experience for me to work with Shekhar Suman ji, Adhyayan Suman and director Manish Vatsalya. Any kind of talent has no color and in that sense every artist is the same.

I am trying to connect the film industry with decentralized blockchain technology, which will help transform the entertainment and arts world into NFTs. With this, all the people of the industry will get an opportunity to become stakeholders in the world of entertainment. What is happening at the moment is that only a handful of people are running the entire entertainment industry and have become its servants.

It is noteworthy that this will be the first time in the history of Hindi cinema and web series when father-son will be seen facing each other as villain and hero on screen. Through this series, a fictional story based on the Syrian mafia will be presented, in which the audience will get to see the cruelest things. We are very sure that this crime series will be recognized as one of the best crime series in the television history of the world.

Expressing his happiness at the poster launch, Shekhan Suman said, “I would especially like to thank Adam Saini for giving me the opportunity to work in the series. When Manish ji narrated the story to me, I immediately said yes to it as it is a very interesting crime drama series.”

The 100-episode crime drama will be shot entirely across Abu-Dhami, Dubai, Cyprus, Hungary and Georgia. Manish Vatsalya said, “I would like to thank Adamji, Shekharji and Adhyayan for reposing so much faith in me.

The series is based on the Syrian Mafia, the shooting of which will start soon at various locations across the world. On this occasion, the makers also launched the poster of their next English film ‘Scar’. The film is also being produced and directed by StudioNationUK Limited and Manish Vatsalya respectively.

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