Pathan Climax: Will Deepika backstab ‘Pathan’? Fans claim – not John, the actress will be the main villain

Movie: Pathan

Movie: Pathan
– Photo: Amar Ujala, Mumbai


To start this year with a bang, ‘Pathan’ i.e. Shah Rukh Khan and his entire team are going to hit the theaters with their action packed film. The scintillating trailer of ‘Pathan’ has been released and all the audience’s eyes were left teary-eyed seeing the action taken by all the three actors. Be it Shah Rukh, John or Deepika Padukone, all the actors are seen doing more than one action scene. In the midst of this war between Shah Rukh and John, the discussion of Deepika Padukone’s look and her role in the film has started on social media. Not only this, the climax of ‘Pathan’ has also come to the fore. In fact, after watching the trailer on social media, fans are speculating about the climax of the film. Let’s know what the theory of the fans says.

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