Pankaj-mridula: Pankaj Tripathi was ecstatic upon hearing Mridula’s praise, tied the knot as soon as his eyes met – Mirzapur 3 Actor Pankaj Tripathi Married Mridula Tripathi Know About Kaleen Bhaiya Love Story

Everyone sings the praises of the acting of Pankaj Tripathi, the carpet brother of the industry, but today we are going to tell you about that aspect of his life on which the actor spends his life. It is none other than his life partner i.e. wife Mridula Tripathi. It is a saying that there is a woman’s hand behind a successful man, Mridula Tripathi is a direct proof of that. Pankaj Tripathi often expresses his hidden love for his wife… and today this B-Town couple is celebrating their wedding anniversary. On this special occasion, we are going to tell you the film story of Pankaj-Tripathi and Mridula’s journey from their first meeting to marriage….

Pankaj Tripathi was in awe of Mridula without meeting her

Pankaj Tripathi’s wife Mridula is the woman who is the real hero of her husband’s success. Mridula’s love story with the actor, who had a big hand behind making Pankaj a hero in Bollywood, is no less than a film story of the 90s. The two had not even met in the beginning. Pankaj Tripathi had not even seen Mridula, but his friend praised the girl he had seen in front of the actor in such a way that he was hooked on hearing just that description. Actually, it is about that time when Pankaj Tripathi’s sister was about to get married and his friend had gone to her in-laws house. The friend had seen Mridula there and came and praised her in front of Pankaj and said, ‘I saw a girl there who was very tall and walked like a deer.’ Just there, Pankaj had made up his mind to do love marriage with her at an early age.

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This is how the first meeting happened

Knowing the story of Pankaj Tripathi and Mridula’s first meeting, you will remember the song ‘Mausam Ka Jadoo…’ from Madhuri and Salman Khan’s film ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’. Why ????? Because…….. Like Salman’s eyes meet Madhuri standing on the balcony in this song, Pankaj and Mridula’s eyes collided in the same way in the first meeting. Yes, actually Pankaj Tripathi had told that he had seen Mridula for the first time when he was in 10th class. She was standing on the balcony and Pankaj was watching her from below when suddenly their eyes met. After this both of them met and Pankaj decided that he would marry Mridula.

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that letter love

This part of Pankaj Tripathi and Mridula’s love story once again brings to mind the scenes from Salman Khan and Bhagyashree’s film Maine Pyar Kiya. Just like Salman and Bhagyashree used to stay connected through letters due to being away from each other… in the same way Pankaj and Mridula took their love story forward. Pankaj was often away for work, so both used to know each other’s condition by writing letters. A time came when Pankaj went to Delhi to study. They thought that Mridula must have got married, but Mridula kept herself away from the marriage. Once Pankaj’s call came to his house, he expressed his love completely. After this she moved to Delhi for a job so that she could spend time with Pankaj.

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This is how both got married

Now Pankaj and Mridula had made up their mind to hold each other’s hand forever, but it was not so easy to convince the family. Both somehow convinced their families and took seven rounds on January 15, 2004. Later, when all was well between them, Pankaj came to Mumbai not alone but with his wife Mridula. When he was struggling, Mridula took up a teaching job to support the actor. Love and respect for each other grew in both their hearts. Today Pankaj and Mridula are living a wonderful life with each other.

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