Panara Chandrashekhar is bringing awareness in the society in a unique way

Social Causes: You must have seen a lot of viral videos of traffic police, but these days Inspector Chandrashekhar Panara of Gujarat Police (Panara Chandrashekhar) are also very much discussed in the digital world. The reason is his smart policing and that too with his own singing talent. He is making the people of the society aware through his singing, as well as playing an important role in dealing with crime and criminal elements by the Surat Police. His talent and new experiment in policing is being appreciated a lot.

Apart from being an excellent police officer, Chandrashekhar Panara is also an amazing and talented musician and singer. He is using this talent of his in smart policing. Inspector Chadrasekhar Panara’s latest release music video Unknown Request Aayega released which is a cautionary song from Honey Trap. This song has been sung by Panara and has been presented in an awareness style, which has been well received by the people. In this video, he is making people aware to save themselves from falling prey to honey trap. To prevent this, Surat Police has launched a song with an animation character, warning people that ‘unknown request will come, will trap you’.

Panara Chandrashekhar unique style watch video

And his second song is OTP about online fraud. It is often said that you should not share your OTP with anyone, otherwise you may have to bear a big loss. OTP gives you security in the digital era. He has put this in front of the people through his singing. He has tried to give a meaningful message about its pros and cons. He believes that the way the police plays the role of a “superhero” in the society, in the same way all citizens also need discipline in the same way.

Chandrashekhar Panara releases all these songs from his official YouTube channel. His another new song is going to be released soon. Inspector Chandrashekhar has run awareness programs among the people many times before through such videos. Even during the difficult times of the Corona period, Panara Chandrasekhar kept the spirits of the people high through the videos of his songs.

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