Op Nayyer: Why did OP Nayyar vow not to work with Lata Mangeshkar? The whole matter will be shocking – Op Nayyar Birth Anniversary Lata Mangeshkar Did Not Sing Any Song Ever For Composer In His Music Know Why

After reading the lines of ‘Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Dil Lene Wale…’, ‘Jaane Kahan Mera Jigar Gaya Ji…’, ‘Leke Pehla Pehla Pyaar…’, do you feel like listening to the full song? Yes, why not? These songs have been etched on our hearts and minds for decades. If we listen to them anywhere, we cannot live without humming them. Legendary singer and composer OP Nayyar has given us many such sugar candy songs. OP Nayyar is a big name in Hindi cinema and music. He was born on 16 January 1926 in Lahore, Pakistan. Although there are many stories related to OP Nayyar, but today on his birthday, let’s know a very special story related to his life…

There would be no harm if OP Nayyar is called the king of the music world. His music and rhythm have left such an impression in Bollywood films that music lovers are his admirers even today. OP Nayyar was the most expensive musician of his time. At the same time, the magic of the late Lata Mangeshkar’s vocals was also scattered everywhere, but the surprising thing is that the two great singers who had immense knowledge of music never got united. Lata Mangeshkar was called Sur Samragyi. Biggest composers used to wait for years to work with Lata Mangeshkar, but OP Nayyar had vowed that he would never sing with Lata Mangeshkar nor would he ever ask her to sing his song. But what happened between OP Nayyar and Lata Mangeshkar that they never worked together again?

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In fact, OP Nayyar was famous in the 50s and 70s for making many films super hit on the basis of his music and working on his own terms. He was also called a stubborn person. He was very adamant about his work and used to get angry very quickly. This became the reason for his fight with Lata Mangeshkar. Actually, this is the case of the time of the film ‘Aasmaan’. At that time everyone was in awe of Lata Mangeshkar’s voice. OP Nayyar wrote a song for the female lead in ‘Aasmaan’ and wanted Lata Mangeshkar to lend her voice to the song. When this thing reached the ears of Lata Mangeshkar, she did not like it. She didn’t like the offer, as she was a big singer at that time and didn’t want her to sing for a supporting actress instead of the main heroine.

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Lata Mangeshkar refused to sing that song. This is the only thing that stung OP Nayyar. He announced at the same time that he would not make any song with Lata Mangeshkar and thus a great singer-composer duo was formed. Although, both of them never accepted their fight in front of the media, but the stories of differences between them became very famous. When OP Nayyar was selected for the ‘Lata Mangeshkar Award’ in 1990, he refused to accept this award as well.

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