OMG…the bike rider jumped after the collision and then fell here, watch video

Amar Dev Paswan reports from Birbhum: It is said that ‘Jako rakhe saiya maar sake na koi’, this statement was also true in Birbhum. Here in Bolpur, a young man riding a bike collided with a car first. The collision was so severe that the young man jumped about five feet in the air. Then fell on the roof of the car. However, the falling youth pulled himself together and somehow managed to control himself and saved his life.

This video is going viral on social media. BJP leader Anupam Hazra has also shared this video from his Facebook account. People are thanking the almighty for saving the young man’s life. People are watching the video again and again.

both vehicles damaged

Both the vehicles were damaged in the accident. The bike driver has minor scratches. In the video, a white colored car is seen going on the road. Suddenly it stops and then starts turning to the right. The car had not even turned completely yet that a bike came from behind at a high speed and hit the driver’s seat of the car hard. The collision was so fast that the bike rider jumped and fell on the roof of the car.

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