New Zealand: Chris Hipkins set to become New Zealand’s next Prime Minister, replacing Jacinda Ardern – Education Minister Chris Hipkins Set To Become New Zealand’s Next Prime Minister

Chris Hipkins

Chris Hipkins
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Education Minister Chris Hipkins is set to become the next Prime Minister of New Zealand. Hipkins is the only candidate for the post of PM. He will replace Jacinda Ardern, who resigned two days ago. The Labor Party said in a statement that Chris Hipkins is set to replace Jacinda Ardern as leader of the Labor Party and Prime Minister of New Zealand. He is the only candidate to be nominated for the role.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was surprised when she suddenly announced her resignation on 19 January. At the party’s annual meeting, Jesinda said she had nothing left to contribute. Now is the time to resign.

Tenure will end on February 7

Jesinda’s term as Prime Minister will end on February 7. He said, I am human, politicians are also humans. While we can, we do all we can. Jesinda said I had considered over the summer break whether or not I had the energy to continue in the role and concluded there was no energy.

most satisfying five and a half years of life

These have been the most satisfying five and a half years of my life, Jesinda said. But it also has its challenges—we have faced a domestic terrorist incident, a major natural disaster, a global pandemic and an economic crisis amid an agenda focused on housing, child poverty and climate change. Ardern said she had no plans for the future other than spending more time with her family.

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