Monday Flashback: When the Hollywood star knocked on the door of Suraiya’s house at midnight, the actress was surprised

Late Suraiya Jamal was one of the veteran actresses of Bollywood. Along with acting talent, Suraiya was also a master of melodious voice. He can be called the singing superstar of modern India. Suraiya had carved a niche for herself at a very young age with her singing and acting. Please tell that Suraiya’s full name was Suraiya Jamal Sheikh. Suraiya, who made her acting debut in 1941 with the film ‘Taj Mahal’, worked with many big actors in her career. Many stars of the industry were also crazy about Suraiya. Apart from Bollywood, Suraiya’s passion was till Hollywood. Once a Hollywood superstar had reached Suraiya’s house at midnight. Let’s know about this interesting story…

The Hollywood superstar who came to meet Suraiya at her home late at night was none other than actor Gregory Peck. Actually Suraiya was a big fan of Gregory. Gregory was a well-known actor in the Hollywood industry. The list of his fans was very long. One of these names was Suraiya. Interestingly, Gregory Peck was also a fan of Suraiya. According to media reports, in the year 1952, Suraiya met Hollywood director Frank Capra at the first International Film Festival of India. Suraiya then gave Frank an autographed photo of himself and asked him to give it to Gregory Peck. Gregory Peck had found that photo. Which he also disclosed.

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After this, in the year 1954, Gregory was shooting for his film ‘The Purple Rain’. Then he attended a film festival party in Sri Lanka. That’s when Gregory met Suraiya at a midnight party. However, media reports also claim that Suraiya had left, but Gregory wanted to meet her. Once when Gregory Peck came to Mumbai, he went to meet Suraiya at her house. This was disclosed by Suraiya himself during a conversation.

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Suraiya had said, ‘Gregory Peck had written a letter to me, in which he had written that if Mumbai comes, then there will definitely be a meeting. But I always used to think that he would come and meet her. But when Suraiya came home tired from her work and was taking rest, her door bell rang and the door was opened by Suraiya’s mother. Wherein very lovingly Gregory Peck asked his mother, is she Madam Suraiya? After which his mother was also surprised and she woke Suraiya from sleep at around 12 o’clock and said that Gregory Peck has come to meet you. At first Suraiya thought that she was joking, but later Suraiya was surprised to find this Hollywood actor standing in front of her. His happiness knew no bounds to see his favorite actor. He invited them and served them well.

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