Monday Flashback: When Raza Murad refused to film a scene with Zeenat Aman, this was the reason – When Actor Raza Murad Refused To Do A Scene With Actress Zeenat Aman In Daku Hasina Due To This Reason

Zeenat Aman has been one of the iconic actresses of her era. Due to her looks, acting and beauty, she has ruled the hearts of the fans. Even in the industry, all the stars immediately agreed to work with Zeenat. But, once it happened that Raza Murad flatly refused to do a scene with Zeenat in the film. Raza Murad himself is counted among the illustrious actors of Bollywood. Fans are convinced of his acting. However, he had to shoot some scenes with Zeenat in a film, which Raza Saheb was not ready to do. Everyone explained a lot, but Raza Murad remained adamant on his point. After all, what was the reason for this, let us know…

According to reports, the name of the film was ‘Daku Haseena’, in which Raza Murad and Zeenat Aman were working together. In a scene of the film, Raza Murad had to force Zeenat Aman, but Raza Murad refused to do that scene with Zeenat Aman. The reason for this is no less interesting.

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Actually, very few people know that Raza Murad and Zeenat Aman are relatives in real life. Hence, Raza Murad did not want to do forced scenes. Even the director of the film kept explaining to Raza Murad for a long time, but Raza Murad was never ready to do that scene. Later Zeenat Aman herself went to convince Raza Murad that he should do this scene. Being an actor, he should always give importance to his work first and not the relationship.

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