Miss Universe 2022: Gabriel’s father came to America with $20, became Miss Texas wearing an old coat dress – Who Is Miss Universe 2022 R Bonney Gabriel Know About Her Journey And Family

Beauty contest is such a competition, in which every girl who participates dreams of winning it and then she wants that one day the crown of Miss Universe or Miss World will adorn her head. Miss Universe of the year 2022 has been announced. This year, America’s Gabrielle is crowned with this crown. Every girl dreams of getting this crown. Although it is also debated many times, what changes from winning beauty pageants, but it motivates many girls a lot. Not only this, R Boney Gabriel’s journey to reach here has been very difficult, which will motivate the girls a lot.

Gabrielle’s father is an immigrant who arrived in America from the Philippines in search of better opportunities like others. In fact, in the year 2022, Gabrielle created history by winning the title of Miss Texas. She was the first American of Filipino descent to win the title. After this, during an interview, he had told that Gabriel’s father Remizio Bonjon ‘R Bon’ Gabriel had come to America at the age of just 19. Actually his father got a chance to come to America on a scholarship.

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When Gabrielle’s father came to America, he had only $20 in his pocket. He started his car repairing shop after completing his doctoral degree in psychology. After this he met Gabrielle’s mother. Gabriel had further told that from the age of 15 he started sewing. Deeply passionate about making things with fabric and textiles, she channeled her passion into her studies and earned a degree in Fashion Design from the University of North Texas in 2018.

Gabrielle is very fond of recycling clothes. The dress she wore for Miss Texas America in the year 2022 was designed from an old second hand coat, which she designed herself and which Gabrielle got from a store selling second hand things. The dreams of many Asian and expatriate girls will take wings after seeing Gabrielle make it this far through her own hard work and courage.

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