Meet 17th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Meet 17th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Meet 17th February 2023 Written Episode, Composed Update on Herogayab News.

Meet strolls towards havan. Narendra’s better half strolls to Meet and says don’t allow your significant other to wed another person. Jasodha yells everybody come quick. Narendra’s significant other parts with Gajra to Meet and strolls. Jasodha strolls to Meet shows her a container and says this is for you. Meet get’s invigorated and says is this a saree for me? Jasodha says to Meet its a hanky, this will come convenient when your better half will get hitched to Shagun and will assist you with clearing off those tears. Meet takes endowments from her and says this is very first time you have given a gift to me, I’ll utilize it well.

Pandit reciting. Manmeet sitting close to Panditji. Shagun strolls with Meet towards mandap. Manmeet assist her with plunking down. Meet checking Shagun out. Manmeet reproves Meet for gazing at Shagun and says you may be knowing every one of the customs and requests that she tie hitch. Manmeet requests that Panditji begin reciting. Meet stands behind them and goes about as though she is smashed. Manmeet says I suspect as much my arrangement of getting her alcoholic is working, presently she will not have the option to stop my marriage. Meet staggers and plunk down. Jasodha says I think Meet is harmed on the grounds that her better half is getting hitched. Jasodha requests that Mahendra and Gunwanti tie hitch. Meet beginnings acting bizarre. Manmeet takes a gander at her and shares with Jashoda, she jabbers about ladies strengthening yet take a gander at her now she is taken out and asks Shagun for what good reason would you confirm or deny that you are saying anything? Manmeet reprimands Panditji to for not saying any mantra. Pandit requests that they get up for pehra. Shagun stands up yet Manmeet incapable to and makes a respectable attempt to stand-up. Everybody ridicules him and requests that he stand-up.

Meet asked Panditji where will prep sit so she can execute her arrangement, she applies stick on man of the hour’s stool. Meet ganders at Manmeet and says time is running and he isn’t standing, I figure he would rather not wed. Manmeet attempts to get up and tears his jeans. Everybody chuckles. Meet strolls to Manmeet and asks what occurred. A man says we can see everything from behind. Manmeet plunks down. Address says no issue to stress she gives him hanky and says Jasodha gave this to me today morning to wipe my tears yet presently this can assist you with saving yourself from this affront. Manmeet ties hanky around him and leaves.

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Meet 17th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

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