Mars-Mercury will transit on January 13, luck of these 3 zodiac signs will change

Buddha Mangal Gochar: According to astrological calculations, many big planets are transiting in the month of January. Among these Sun, Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Venus are prominent. On Friday, January 13, 2023, there will be a transit of two Mars and Mercury, which will affect all zodiac signs equally. However, for some zodiac signs, it is going to be very auspicious.

According to astrologer Pandit Ramdas, on January 13, 2023, at 12.07 pm, Mars will be transiting in Taurus. Similarly, Mercury will rise in Sagittarius at 5.15 am. both of these planetary transits All zodiac signs will be affected more or less. Especially it is going to be tremendously favorable for the 3 zodiac signs. Know which are these 3 zodiac signs.

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The transit of Mercury and Mars will affect these zodiac signs (Budh Mangal Gochar 2023)

Mesh (Mesh Rashifal 2023)

Due to the rising of Mercury and the path of Mars, the people of Aries will be benefited. The problems which have been going on in their lives for a long time, will slowly start ending now. Health will also start improving much more than before. Can go abroad for higher education. There can be a sudden monetary gain from somewhere.

Singh (Singh Rashifal 2023)

according to astrology The transit of Mercury and Mars will be auspicious for Leo. Especially for those who are associated with the share market or stock market, the time has come for them to make profits. Such people of Leo zodiac, who do private jobs, will also get the support of colleagues. Due to doing his work well, he can get a promotion soon. Relations with parents will be good which will be the reason for their fortune.

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Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashifal 2023)

The simultaneous transit of two planets on January 13 will relieve Sagittarius from financial problems. If you want to change the job then now is a favorable time. Students preparing for competitive exams can get good news. You can also go abroad for studies.

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