Kangana Ranaut: Kangana Ranaut’s threat to the stalkers… Said- ‘I will enter the house and kill’

Kangana Ranaut Insta Post: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who is known for her fearless and outspoken style, has again shared a news for her fans. With this news, she has again become popular on social media. Through a post on Instagram, the actress has confirmed that no couple from the Bollywood film industry is following or tracking her anymore.

Let us inform that recently, without sharing the name of a couple from the film industry, the Queen actress had claimed that the couple is following them as well as keeping an eye on them. Kangana (Kangana Ranaut) wrote in the post that whoever is worrying about me should tell them that now no one is following me or keeping an eye on me without camera or camera. He further wrote- Look, the ghosts who believe with kicks, they believe only with kicks.

Kangana Ranaut’s message for Changu-Mangu

kangana ranaut

Children, you have not been brought up by any rustic, improve yourself, otherwise I will enter the house and kill those who think that I am mad, you know that I am mad, but do not know how big I am. Along with this, she writes that I also have a message for those people who are behind this and who think I am crazy. I will enter your house and kill you.

When Kangana’s WhatsApp message was leaked

Let us tell you that a few days ago, Kangana Ranaut had revealed through a post that a couple from the film industry is keeping an eye on her, she had also told that they have recently become parents. . Although he has not disclosed his name yet. Kangana tagged Casanova in her post and targeted the husband. He wrote that he is pressurizing his wife to work on women-centric films by becoming a producer. Kangana further writes that my WhatsApp data has been leaked. Not only this my personal data and even my professional deals have also been leaked.

Now this post of Kangana (Kangana Ranaut) has once again created panic among the people. Their fans hope that soon Kangana will share the name of that couple on social media. Now it remains to be seen how the Bollywood industry reacts to his post.

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