Junooniyat 14th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Junooniyat 14th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Junooniyat 14th February 2023 Written Episode, Composed Update on Herogayab News.

The Episode begins with Ilahi telling about her companion Husna’s sister’s Sangeet service going on. The fellow and prep’s sides contend in the Jugalbandi rivalry. She figures how to go there. She presents her Biji and Fortunate, her Bua’s child. Husna says we will not lose, I have a mysterious wand. Fortunate signs Ilahi to go. Ilahi says my family confines me from singing. Ilahi asks where are Bua and Phupaji. He says they have gone on a bike. Ilahi prepares and runs on the patio. Husna says somebody call Ilahi, don’t realize she will come or not. Ilahi stumbles into the tops of neighbors. She plays with the children and moves. She comes in the capability and grins. Husna says Ilahi. Ilahi sings the Boliyaan. She moves. Husna says she is Amarjeet’s girl. The women ask is she Diljot’s girl, Diljot had taken off. Husna says you sing so all things considered, I love you, sing aunt ji’s tune. Ilahi reviews her mum’s tune.

She cries. Ilahi sings Fayda ni kya hona… She sees the lady of the hour and reviews her mum. Husna asks what occurred, come. The woman says her voice is so exquisite, the person who weds her will be fortunate. The other woman says her mum is bold, she took off with her adoration, she would be improper as well. Bua and her significant other Cheerful quit hearing Ilahi’s melody. She says I won’t leave Ilahi today.Bua proceeds to get down on Ilahi. Ilahi says Bua ji. Husna says go, I will see. She requests that Bua tune in. Bua searches for Ilahi. Ilahi thinks Ginni Bua lives with us since adolescence, in the event that Biji knows, how will I respond. She stows away. Husna says Ilahi hasn’t arrived, you leave, let us appreciate. Bua says fine, in the event that I don’t find her home, then I will see you moreover. She goes. Husna requests that Ilahi run. Ilahi returns to her home by the housetop way. She sees Bua ji coming to. She pursues faster routes. Fortunate sees Ilahi coming.

He attempts to help. He stops Ginni. Ginni goes inside the house. She awakens Biji. Ilahi climbs the window. Ginni says Ilahi is following her mum’s strides, she was singing at Husna’s place in sangeet. Biji says yet she is higher up. Bua and Biji go higher up and really look at Ilahi’s room. Bua says she hasn’t arrived. Ilahi gets down on Biji. She asks did you awaken, I was coming to ask you, assuming you will have tea, I was simply cleaning the residue. Ginni says I heard her singing, ask Cheerful ji. Blissful says OK, she was singing. Ilahi says no, I stayed put, Biji do you figure I will go to Husna’s home in this state. Biji asks are you saying reality. Ilahi says OK, I m occupied in cleaning since morning. Ginni says she is lying. Ilahi asks when did you hear me singing, tell me. She conceals the shoe and sack. She sits on the bed. Biji says I would have grabbed her voice assuming she had sung. Ilahi says I didn’t sing. Biji says never sing, don’t for even a moment consider singing.

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Junooniyat 14th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

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