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Hair Growth Tips: If your hair growth is less and they are falling then you need to take more care of them. On the contrary, due to direct eating and lack of protein, hair often starts breaking and falling, most women are troubled by these problems because it is not easy to carry big hair. If you want to increase hair growth, then this news is useful for you. You can make hair thick and strong with fenugreek and amla.

How fenugreek-amla is beneficial for hair

Amla and fenugreek both are very beneficial for hair. Fenugreek seeds contain a good amount of iron, which improves blood circulation and makes the hair strong from within. It also removes dandruff from the hair. At the same time, amla is also very beneficial for hair, which is known to remove everything from hair fall to dandruff. Know below how you can use amla-fenugreek to grow hair.

Method 1- Use fenugreek and amla like this to grow hair

  1. First of all, soak three spoons of fenugreek seeds overnight.
  2. Soaked fenugreek has to be grinded well in the morning.
  3. After grinding fenugreek, add water as needed.
  4. After this, add about one and a half teaspoon of amla to it.
  5. Now add two spoons of olive oil to this mixture.
  6. Then mix all these well.
  7. After this apply the paste while massaging the scalp.
  8. Leave the paste for two hours, then wash the head with normal water.
  9. You can easily use this paste twice a week.

Another way- use fenugreek-amla with lemon

  • First of all, keep fenugreek seeds soaked overnight.
  • Next morning make a paste of it.
  • Then add one spoon of amla powder to it.
  • Now the juice of about one lemon has to be mixed from above.
  • Then again mix this paste well.
  • Then apply it well on the root of the hair.
  • Leave it on the hair for about an hour.
  • If the paste dries slightly, wash it with lukewarm water.
  • Within a few days you will see the difference on your hair.

Fenugreek-amla and lemon will increase hair growth and also strengthen it

If you want to grow long hair or want to grow them fast, then these tips can help you. Application of fenugreek and amla gives deep nourishment to the hair. Also, it reduces hair breakage. With their regular use, moisture remains in the hair. The use of fenugreek and amla removes itching, dandruff and dandruff from the scalp. At the same time, the hair becomes naturally black and becomes thick rapidly.

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