Huge Discount on Google Pixel 6a! Opportunity to buy for 6 thousand rupees instead of 44 thousand!

Google Pixel 6a Smartphone Discount and Offers: If you are thinking of buying a new smartphone which is available for less than 10 thousand rupees, then you can buy Google Pixel 6A. Yes, this premium smartphone of Google is getting much more than its price.

Many discounts and offers are being given on this phone, after which Google’s premium smartphone Pixel 6A can cost you only Rs 5,999 (Smartphone under 10000) instead of Rs 44 thousand. Let’s know about the offers available on it.

Google Pixel 6a Price Discount

Google Pixel 6A is being sold on Flipkart with a discount. Its 6GB RAM + 128GB storage variant is available for Rs 29,999 instead of its original price of Rs 43,999. 31 percent discount is being given on its price.

Google Pixel 6a Bank Offer

The Google Pixel 6a is also available with bank offers on Flipkart. If you pay with HSBC credit card, then you will get a discount of up to Rs 2999 on its price. In this case, the price of the phone will be Rs 26,999. However, after the exchange offer, its price can be reduced further.

Google Pixel 6a Exchange Offer

Google Pixel 6A is also being sold on Flipkart with exchange discount. A discount of Rs 18,500 is being given on this phone. An exchange discount of up to Rs 21,000 is being given on the phone. For this, a good condition phone will have to be changed, it comes in the latest model list. In this case, you will be able to take full advantage of the exchange offer.

How to get Rs 43,999 phone for just Rs 5,999?

If you manage to get the full Rs 21,000 off under the exchange offer and also avail the Rs 2,999 off on HSBC credit cards, the Google Pixel 6A can cost you just Rs 5,999.

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