Honda Activa Smart 2023 is going to be launched soon, know features

Honda Activa Smart 2023 Launch Date: Honda, the famous two-wheeler company in the world of auto mobile, remains in a lot of discussions for its Activa. Now the company is preparing to launch its latest model Activa Smart soon. It is expected that Honda can launch the new Honda Activa Smart on 23 January.

The Activa Smart will be the next version of the Activa and this version of India’s best selling scooter reportedly gets some interesting changes. Let’s know about its features.

Honda Activa Smart Features

Firstly the Honda Activa Smart weighs 1 kg less than the standard and other Activa variants named as DLX. The power of the scooter has increased by a small amount from 7.79 hp to 7.84 hp in all other variants.

Honda Ignition Security System as the name suggests is the company’s immobilizer. In this the ignition key has an IC chip which contains a code which is verified by the ECU of the motorcycle every time it is inserted into the ignition slot. The bike will start only when the ECU recognizes the codes.

Honda has a fundamentally new anti-theft system that it is planning to introduce in the Activa Smart. This could be the budget version of Honda’s Ignition Security System or HISS. Which we have seen on bigger Honda motorcycles. It is also likely that this new anti-theft system will make its way to other Honda motorcycles like the Shine.

For information, let us tell you that in early 2022, Honda filed a patent for the H-Smart anti-theft device for two-wheelers. The Activa Smart could be the recipient of Honda’s new anti-theft system. Now it will be known only after the launch that how much the Activa Smart Honda can be liked by the people.

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