Health Tips: Why is there so much discussion about biotin supplements, does everyone need it? – Biotin Benefits And Side Effects For Body Know How To Get Biotin Naturally Full Details In Hindi

You must have also heard a lot of buzz about biotin supplements. It has been considered very beneficial for people suffering from skin and hair problems. So should all people consume its supplements regularly, so that you will never have hair problems? Before knowing about this, it is important to know what is biotin after all?

Health experts say, Biotin is actually an element of Vitamin-B, which is also known as Vitamin B-7. Research shows that biotin is essential for healthy hair, as well as improving skin hydration, smoothness and shine. Adults require 30–100 micrograms per day, which can be easily obtained through diet.

Health experts say, its quantity can be easily obtained from some things in the diet. Biotin supplements should not be consumed without medical advice, there may be a risk of many types of side-effects. Let us know about the harm caused by biotin supplements and how it can be obtained from diet.

Precautions for Biotin Supplements

Doctors say, in some situations, health experts may advise you to take biotin supplements, such as hair loss or skin problems, etc., but it is not necessary for everyone. Consuming it without medical advice can lead to problems related to insulin and kidney along with abdominal pain, trouble sleeping and excessive thirst.

Always try to fulfill it through diet only. Let us know what things can be consumed for this?

eat eggs

Egg yolk is considered a good source of biotin. About 10 micrograms of biotin can be obtained from one egg. Eggs should always be eaten cooked for maximum benefits. Raw egg whites contain a protein called dietary avidin, which binds to biotin. This makes it difficult for the body to absorb it. Eating boiled or cooked can reduce the problem of digestion.

Make dry fruits a part of diet

Nuts and seeds are beneficial for the body in many ways, sufficient amount of biotin can also be obtained from it. This nutrient can be easily replenished for the body by making nuts like almonds, peanuts, walnuts and pecans a part of the diet. One-fourth cup of roasted almonds contains up to 1.5 micrograms of biotin. Similarly, up to 2.6 micrograms of biotin is present in sunflower seeds.

special benefits of avocado

Avocado is considered to be one of the very beneficial fruits, it can also easily meet the needs of biotin. 100 grams of avocado contains up to 8-10 micrograms of biotin. Like nuts and seeds, avocado is also rich in biotin and vitamin-E, which is one of the essential nutrients for healthy hair and skin. It must be included in the diet.


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