Health Tips: Increasing cold can also increase problems for health, there is a danger of these serious problems, everyone should avoid them – Common Health Problems In Winter Season, Paralysis And Stroke Risk And Prevention

Most parts of the country, especially the states of northern India, are witnessing cold these days. This winter season is considered challenging for health in many respects. Health experts say that all people need to take special care of their health in this season. The researchers found that adverse weather conditions can have adverse effects on the body’s organs in many ways. In this, people who are already sick are advised to take special precautions.

From respiratory disorders to heart problems, cold weather can challenge you in many ways. It is important for everyone to keep protecting from this.

Let us know how it can have side effects on the body? And what measures should be taken for prevention?

effect of cold on heart health

The biggest effect of cold weather is seen on heart health. Due to the low temperature, the blood vessels start narrowing, due to which there is a risk of affecting the circulation of blood. In such situations, the risk of heart attack increases. People who already have problems related to heart disease or nervous disorders need special protection in this season.

The risk of paralysis increases

In winter, the blood vessels under the skin are affected and may shrink. This can cause blood flow to decrease, resulting in more pressure on the heart to pump blood. Apart from this, the risk of blood clotting is also high in winter due to which more cases of paralysis have been seen in this season.

Its risk has been seen more in people suffering from diabetes and blood pressure, keep these conditions under control.

increased risk of asthma attack

The winter season can be troublesome for people suffering from asthma. Due to cold, people spend more time in closed rooms indoors, there is a risk of asthma problem or attack due to lack of outdoor air and increased indoor pollution. Apart from this, the problem of breathing can also increase due to dryness in the air in winter, which can increase complications for asthma and other respiratory patients.

protect from cold

Health experts say it is important for people of all ages to keep up with cold prevention.

  • To keep the body warm, keep the whole body covered with woolen clothes.
  • Moisturize the skin frequently.
  • Avoid drinking cold water, always drink lukewarm water.
  • Eat a healthy diet, do not eat high calorie items.
  • Do yoga-exercise regularly at home.


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