Hansika Motwani Reaction on Allegations: Hansika said on the breakdown of husband Sohail’s first marriage, said- the price of being a celebrity has to be paid

Hansika Motwani Reaction on Allegations: In the last year 2022, famous film and television actress Hansika Motwani got married. The couple has been in limelight ever since their marriage and people accused Hansika of breaking her husband Sohail Kathuria’s first marriage.

As soon as Hansika announced her engagement on social media, people started trolling her. Along with this, people even called the actress a house breaker. Not only this but people said that Rinke used to be a good friend of Hansika, who also went to her wedding. After this people said that Hansika broke their house.

love marriage drama released

Let us tell you that the series Love Shaadi Drama based on Hansika Motwani’s marriage has been released on Disney + Hotstar. In the series, Hansika clarified the allegations leveled against her and said that sometimes the price of being a celebrity has to be paid. Hansika said that it is very easy to make someone a villain without knowing the truth.

Sohail said – Hansika has done the breakup

Along with this, Sohail also said in the series that ‘the news of my first marriage has come out in a wrong way and they have also been presented in a wrong way. It seems as if Hansika has done the breakup, which is absolutely false and baseless.

Sohail is Hansika Motwani’s best friend Rinke’s ex-husband

Let us tell that Sohail Kathuria is the ex-husband of Hansika Motwani’s best friend Rinke Bajaj. Also, before the wedding of Hansika and Sohail, a video went viral, in which Hansika is seen dancing fiercely at Rinke and Sohail’s wedding, but seeing this video, people accused Hansika of marrying her husband from her best friend. accused of extortion. On the other hand, Sohail Kathuria has said that Hansika has nothing to do with the breakdown of her first marriage.

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