Haiwan 19th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Haiwan 19th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Haiwan 19th February 2023 Written Episode, Composed Update on Herogayab News.

Randhir follows the peacock feather into the backwoods. At Grewal’s lab, everybody chooses to follow Randhir. Randhir arrives at a clearing in the backwoods. Child stayed there, ordinary under a tree. Randhir asks what he is doing here. Child was alarmed and advises him to remain away, he have zero control over this and the Ratan won’t extra him without any problem. It will do how it policed men.

Randhir says he believes him, Child won’t hurt him. He persuades Child not to contemplate this Ratan but rather whatever else, anything that keeps him cheerful. He gets the Ratan from his palm. Child was feeling better, and asks why it doesn’t influence Randhir. Randhir shows the peacock feather saying perhaps this. Ashvadhyama, Ansh and Gia had arrived at the backwoods. Child advises Randhir to leave the spot. They need to shield the stone from Disha. Randhir says Disha is in their group now. Child says Disha has a solitary intention and that to take Ratan to Ashvadhyama. Randhir was ready.

Gia and group arrives at the backwoods utilizing tracker. They track down Randhir’s telephone close to a stone. Ansh surmise Randhir evaded them once more. Randhir and Child return home. They clear up for Amrita that Disha mesmerized Child for Ratan. Amrita was heart-broken. In the room, Amrita cries before Randhir that her sister is going on an off-base way. She wish Disha had remained with the family, basically she would have known the significance of affection and adored one’s. Ashvadhyama concludes that Disha’s stand by is pointless. He chooses to take a way which is hazardous. Gia was all set anyplace with Ashvadhyama. Ansh had a solitary objective, to get Amrita. Ashvadhyama leads them into the woodlands before a pondering man. He says this is God Rishi Parshuram. Gia remembers him from old stories. Ashvadhyama says just eight individuals in this world are unfading including him and Parshuram. It’s a gift for a couple, time revile for one’s like him. He should now get hold of the Ratan and vengeance this world for every one of his affliction.

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Haiwan 19th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

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