Guava is a boon for health in winter, know its benefits

Benefits of guava:Today we have brought the benefits of guava for you. This fruit gives tremendous benefits for health. Although it is found in both hot and cold climates, but eating it in winter gives tremendous benefits. Guava is a storehouse of nutrients, which is rich in vitamin-C. Apart from this, Vitamin-A and B are also found in guava.

One guava daily in winter can save you from dozens of diseases. Guava is rich in a good amount of magnesium, which provides relief from muscle pain and strength. Not only this, your digestive system remains better by consuming guava.

Five great benefits of eating guava

1- Prevents diabetes

Guava is beneficial for diabetes patients. It can help us to save from this incurable disease. Rich fiber content and low glycemic index are found in guava, low glycemic index prevents sudden increase in sugar level, while sugar is regulated well due to fibers.

2-Helpful in reducing weight

If you are thinking of losing weight, then definitely include guava in your diet. Guava increases your metabolism without compromising on protein, vitamin and fiber intake and helps in weight loss. The special thing is that after eating guava, the stomach also gets full and calories also have to be taken less.

3- Guava gives strength to the body

If you are feeling weak then take guava with milk. For this, mash well ripe soft and sweet guavas and whisk them in milk. After this filter it and remove its seeds. Mixing sugar as required and taking it early in the morning for 21 days gives a lot of strength to the body. Due to which you also feel refreshed.

4. Relief from stomach problems

Consuming guava can provide relief from stomach pain and all kinds of problems related to stomach. Grinding 50 grams leaves of its tree and mixing it with water gives benefits. Grinding the leaves of guava tree and licking it with black salt also provides relief.

5. Guava is beneficial for the eyes

Consuming guava is also beneficial for the eyes. Guava is a treasure trove of properties like Vitamin-A, C, folate, zinc and copper. That’s why consuming guava is very beneficial for those whose eyes start getting weak at an early age. That’s why definitely include guava in the diet in winter.

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