Google Ai Chatbard: Know the correct answer to that question, due to which Google lost $ 120 billion

Google Chat GPT

Google Chat GPT
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A wrong answer by Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Google chatbot Bard caused Google a loss of $120 billion. Google’s market value has been steadily decreasing since the mistake was caught. Google’s parent company Alphabet reached its lowest point on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the price of one share of Alphabet was $ 106.77, which decreased to $ 98.08 on Wednesday. There has been a decline of about 8.1 percent in this. This is the biggest one-day drop in Alphabet’s value since October 2022. Earlier, Google shares fell nine percent in a day after the company disclosed a major slowdown in sales, profit and growth.

Well, now the question is arising that after all, what was that question, for which Google had to suffer such a huge loss due to wrong answer? What is the correct answer to that question? Who caught this mistake of Google AI? Let’s understand…

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